Day 17 of 31: Body Love Yoga Challenge {self-talk}


think you can

What is the tape recorder in your head saying right now?

Does she/he praise you?  Lift you up?  Give you motivation to keep going?

Or does he/she put you down?  Tell you it’s never enough?

The idea that our thoughts create our lives is nothing new – since the making of The Secret seven or so years ago this idea has become mainstream with people talking about the power thoughts, words, beliefs, affirmations, etc. have on our lives.  I believe this – WHOLEHEARTEDLY – and yet how do we actually change the neg-neg self-talk to the more positive pep talks within?

I know I am so quick to tell someone else how great, beautiful, special and talented they are and yet, the woman in the mirror?

Oh how awful I am to her.

It breaks my heart to know what I say to her, day in and day out – a broken record I have become for sure.   I have noticed that with my yoga practice this negative self-talk has been screaming her wild voice more than normal.  Perhaps because she knows she is on the verge of getting the boot.  Well today I really did take a step to kicking this negative nancy to the curb and, I must say, it feels really good.  I woke up this morning and as I got ready for yoga she started her usual verbal assault, but this time I stopped it {almost immediately} and simply said:

‘Enough.  You are beautiful and you are perfect just the way you are.’

Yup I did. and I am proud to say I don’t feel the slightest bit of embarrassment over my cheese-ball, self-loving, positive-affirming self.

I read an article last night in Spirituality Health Magazine and I love what Dr. Joan Borysenko said in response to this question:

What impact does negative self-talk, such as criticizing our bodies and ability, so common with women, have on our health?

In general, we are conditioned in this culture to judgement and comparison, always comparing ourselves to other people.  That’s what gives rise to such negative self-talk.  We have this great wound of unworthiness, the wound of self-hatred, the feeling that, somehow or other, we have to beat the competition and we have to prove ourselves in some thing to be worthy. That’s a big, big problem.  No matter what our spiritual roots are, If we can start to practice kindness toward ourselves, it would go a very long way.

I loved this.  It hit me to my core.  I am so tired – fed up! – with my lack of self-love, my constant judgment of not only others, but even more so of myself.  What a dis-service my inner voice has been to the incredible and amazing me. I want to, need to, must, change the dialogue that goes on between closed doors in the space between my ears.

I find this topic fascinating and would love to know below what you think and how you work to keep the voice in your head loving and kind?

To see how one woman is spearheading positive self-love, check out her website:

For affirmations to say to yourself visit Louise Hay or, for tips on creating a more loving relationship with the {wo}man in your head, check out this link.

And lastly if you still need proof at all that your thoughts and words actually do affect your life, just watch this AMAZING video. xxoo, Jamie:)

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    • Isn’t it?? And I know I totally thought of this when I saw your Choose Love campaign! I am signed up right?? I am so happy and loving what you and Ian are doing over there starting a revolution to choose LOVE over fear – woohoo! So needed in this world, no doubt:)

  1. The video is wonderful, I have looked at Dr. Emoto’s work with water before, it’s amazing and really drives the point home. I have thought so many mean things about my body, too, and I need to love her, love her more and more. I joined the 30 day choose love campaign at , so this goes hand in hand.

    Yesterday when I did my practice, I thought about your last blog, Jamie, when you reminded us about “showing up.”‘ I showed up for myself, and my body took over from there, and I practiced, and I’m glad I did.

    • Hi Jill, Yes isn’t it amazing how that happens? Last night I didn’t want to go to yoga again and then sure enough I showed up and felt flipping AMAZING after – yeah!!! So I’m convinced I just need to keep showing up and I’m also convinced I need to turn my 31 days into 45 to practice alongside you:) So much love today, Jamie

  2. Hi Jamie, You asked how we work to keep the voice in our heads loving and kind. I have many ways and they come up at different times, but being a music fan, I once made a little mix of a bunch of songs I could sing to myself that were sweet and tell me how wonderful I am. Some were out of my typical genres, but they had certain lines that would get stuck in my head and that’s a negative talk changer. Not just talking to yourself nicer, but singing to yourself (even in your head). Like ‘Beautiful, I just want you to know, you’re my favorite girl.’ I am my favorite girl and what could be better than going through your day with that stuck in your head and thinking of yourself.:)

    I also wrote phrases in colored window markers on my sliding glass door all cute and swirly like, ‘I❤ Stacey – Love from your Best Friend' as a way to remind me that I am my best friend every time I looked at it. The visual reminder was always good to see and I felt it was helping me to manifest that reality by putting lots of effort into making it cute and fun to look at – you know, my heart was in it. No apologizing for being cheesy here!:)


    • Oh Stacey, this is so BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for sharing and how flipping inspiring to hear about ways someone else totally loves up on themselves. I absolutely love these ideas and am going to use them!!!! Thank you:) xxoo

  3. Such an inspirational post that sadly, all women need to remember! It’s so important to change those negative thoughts into positive ones. Sometimes I wish I was more toned and less jiggly but then I remember to the time when they were – and at that time, i wished my hair was thicker and my face was fuller – there is always something. I now actively try to look in the mirror and tell myself the things i love about myself – and those things are not always on the outside either. We are all beautiful, strong people with stories of our own, one body we are blessed with for this life, and we must try our best to love and embrace it fully. Great job on starting each day out with these positive affirmations!!

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